the westcoast - the ultimate destination wedding backdrop

Creating beautiful weddings is

what Compass is all about.

Have you traveled Highway 4? With flowers and a ballroom’s worth of decor? Ya, not our idea of a holiday either. Do you feel good about asking your friends and family to spend their holiday setting up your wedding? Didn’t think so. You should be exploring and surfing with them, catching up over wine, reminiscing as you walk the Wild Pacific Trail, and getting to know each other’s families better. Destination weddings are THE BEST thing! Just a little hard to navigate the logistics to make them look stunning out here on the coast. That is where we can help. Inspired by your vision and interests, we customize our decor collection, florals, make custom pieces, and sort out logistics to create your wedding as a reflection of your unique love storey. 3 customizable options:


Full Service


You have a full life and though want your wedding to be stunning, don’t have the time or dedication to figure it out.

This is it. This is what Compass was born to do. Includes everything: All the decor, all the florals, all the logistics, coordination, set up and clean up:

  1. Show us your Pinboards, wedding websites, photographer blogs, your photos, tell us about you, your love storey, your likes and dislikes, your traditions, the things that are special to you as a couple….

  2. We get to work to figure out how to make it happen. You continue with your life without the “wedding planning monster” taking over . We make sure you have all the other vendors secured and all the important details checked off. We check in a few times so you can tell us if we are on the right track, note any changes, incorporate your new puppy into the plan, ect….

  3. You arrive as the Guest of Honour at your beautiful wedding inspired by you, surrounded by your friends and family. Remain in that after-wedding-glow the next day (because you don’t have to clean up!) while you start dreaming of your honeymoon.

We take on a limited number of Full Service weddings per year. Please fill out the form linked on the button and we will get back to you. Once we decide we will be a good match, we will be able to determine your cost and you will have two weeks to confirm the service.




Perfect for those who want to be hands on planning the decor but not a full DIY bride.

You are not sure if you are more excited about styling your wedding or being married to the love of our life (kidding, sort of). You are that bride (or Groom!) who has a planning binder that has become her bible, has attended every wedding fair within 500 miles in the past year, and has labelled totes of the decor items you scored off bridal-swap Facebook Groups. We do not think you are crazy when you send over your colour-coded multi-page spreadsheet.

However, you are savvy enough to know you actually can’t pull off a destination wedding to your standards because of logistical reasons and you don’t want your loved ones spending their vacation (yes, a guest who attends a destination wedding treats this as a vacation) setting up your elaborate wedding.

So, you do some, we do some, all to your vision, and you actually enjoy your wedding because you are not exhausted from doing it all.




You just want to be handed the stuff you specifically need and will figure the rest out on your own.

This is perfect for small weddings or elopements that really only need a few elements. Perhaps an arch, or just the wedding party flowers, or an insta-worthy backdrop for the head table.

A few examples that you may need:

  • bridal party flowers

  • arch

  • full ceremony decor

  • photoshoot styling

  • tent or ballroom lighting

  • desert or head table styling

  • bulk flowers and greenery

  • rental packages

  • coordination services

  • set up and clean up services

  • centrepiece flower arrangements


Get inspired

Peruse the following photos of work from Compass. Please excuse the unprofessional, iPhone shots!